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Audials Radiotracker is an application that lets you access more than 100,000 different radio stations, and listen to and record more than 12 million songs in MP3 format.

You can search the stations that interest you either directly by name, or by using all sorts of filters—nationality, genre, audio format, or audio quality—to find the ones you like most.

One of this application's most interesting features is that it lets you select the songs and artists that most interest you so that their tracks will automatically be recorded when they play on a station. This way, you will not miss out on anything that interests you.

Audials Radiotracker also lets you download and listen to podcasts, as well as access music TV channels with a single click. (However, almost all of these are in foreign languages, which may not be of much help to a lot of users.)

Audials Radiotracker is one of the best options out there if you're looking for an application to listen to radio online. To its huge collection of stations, artists, and songs, it also adds a series of very useful features.
By Álvaro Toledo

50 free MP3 songs.

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